Friday Favorites week 20

  34f3182d-f2d0-4153-b9e3-e894cd517057Runaway June: Got Me Where I Want You

I can totally relate to this song. Being at the age I am I feel like guys who I tend to talk to play this game where they act like they are interested in me and we will talk and by the second week or so they are done with me. But then they come back and do this thing where they somehow rope me back into them. It sucks and I wish I could break the habit of falling into the trap!


Ryan Follese: Put A Lable On It

I found this song a while ago on Youtube but never put it on a Friday Favorites. I think this is a really fun song with a cute message in it. Fun fact that I found out about Ryan Follese is that he was in the band Hot Chelle Rae!


King Calaway: World For Two

King Calaway is a very new and upcoming band. Their EP just dropped today and I am already obsessed with it.  I can definitely see the future looking super bright for them! Their sound is original and different. They are all very good looking so you know they are going to be a hit with the ladies. World For Two is my favorite song on the EP and it makes me smile in general. The song I feel is one that says basically what a girl dreams a guy would say to them.

Tyler Braden: Leave Me Alone

I really enjoy this song by Tyler Braden. This song reminds me of when you tell someone that you don’t want to talk again and they try to come back to you. Sometimes you just want to tell them to leave you alone and here’s why. This so explains it all. Also, Tyler has such a cool and different sound going into country music. He sounds like a country Daughtry which is so unique and puts a very cool edge on him going into the music industry.



This song is so funny to me. It reminds me of my hometown in Pennsylvania. Kids who I went to school with were always trying to prove that they were the biggest redneck or the most country. It would always come down to how big of a deer did you hit?, How lifted is your truck? They always compared themselves to each other and I find it to be so funny about how accurate this song is in relations to my life.

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