Chris Lane Serenade


On May 27th I got the opportunity to see and meet Chris Lane at a local Penn State branch campus. Our seats had come with meet and greets too! As we stood in line I for some reason started to get nervous and butterflies in my stomach. But as we got closer I saw Chris’s smiling friendly face and my nerves went away. I then told my dad that I had an idea. That idea was I was first going to ask Chris if he was going to be singing the song “For Her” and if so I was going to ask him to serenade me because I have always wanted to me serenaded! So I went up and met Chris and asked if he would be singing “For Her” and he said yes. I then said “this may sound weird but… will you serenade me when you sing that song?” As he chuckled he said yes and asked where I was going to be sitting. As the concert went on I told myself the all Chris would do is point to me and maybe stare at me for a little. Then the music to For Her came on and I got a little giddy! I did remind myself to not get any high hopes. As he came on stage I noticed he was holding a red rose. Again I didn’t think anything of it and figured he was going to give it to this little girl who was super cute and was all over Chris. Then my dream came true… Chris Lane pointed TO ME and motioned to come up to the stage. I don’t think I have ran so fast in my life. As he was working the stage a security guard came up to me and told me I needed to go back to my seat. I tried to explain the situation  and next thing I know Chris is following me and basically explaining to the security guard with his hands and eyes what going on and that I was ok to be up there with him. Then CHRIS LANE held my hand, handed ME that red rose I saw him bring onto the stage and looked into my eyes and sang directly to me the lyrics that I will never forget “For her I would walk a strait line, wear off the soles of my shoes, For her I would run through the night just to kiss her one more time, and she wanted me to.” He then dramatically pulled away from me and I went back to my seat happy crying so much! As the song continued Chris saw me and waved to me again. After all that I was on cloud 9 for the rest of the night. I was able to thank Chris for what he did that night in person and he smiled so big. As for the security guard he did find me and apologize. So I would say overall that night was amazing!

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