America’s Morning Show

The week of June 13th I traveled to Nashville Tennessee for college visits. As my dad was driving he told me that I should email my mentor for my internship (which happens to be with NASH FM) to see if he could get us a tour of the NASH studios. He was able to get in contact with Off Eric and we were able to set up a tour for Thursday June 16th. I had to arrive at the studio at 7:00 am.

When Thursday rolled around I was SUPER excited, not only because I was going to the studio but because Chuck Wicks was going to be there! Unfortunately Chuck wasn’t there because he had a show in Idaho that day. Blair also wasn’t there because he was on vacation. So when I walked into the studio it was just Kelly Ford and Off Eric. It was cool though, because my dad and I were the only other people in the studio. As I walked in they were on a commercial break so Kelly came down and gave me a big hug!  I gave them some  “thank you” gifts that I brought from Central Pennsylvania; so they opened them up. The gifts were whoopie pies and giant Hershey bars. Both Kelly and Eric loved the whoopie pies.

Then the unthinkable happened! Kelly asked me if I wanted to come up to the stage area! Without a doubt I got up there.  Eric told Kelly how I was bummed about Chuck not being there. So Kelly let me talk to Chuck on the phone.   Kelly asked if I was in love with Chuck… I obviously said yes. Then I proceeded to say how I have been planning my wedding since I was 12 and how Chuck would be part of it and he’ll be singing. I had forgotten that I was on the phone with Chuck when I said that – but it was super funny. My dad video recorded our conversation, but you can only hear my side. Even though I didn’t get to meet him, it was still  fun to talk to Chuck Wicks though!

After the show I got to see the other Studios which was amazing! Overall I had an awesome time and would love to go back some  time and finally meet Chuck and Blair and to see Kelly and Eric again.

Thank you Kelly and Eric for an amazing time. If you enjoyed this story time make sure to follow me for more!!! Thank you for reading this.

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