Conversation with Brantley Gilbert in the Giant Center

Ever since 2014 I wanted ANY country singer to serenade me in front of a crowd. I had tried to get Hunter Hayes to do it but I was up to high in the stands for him to see my sign. When I saw Brantley Gilbert at the York Fair it didn’t happen either. So when I found out I got pit tickets for Brantley when he was coming to the Giant Center I was determined to get him to serenade me. The day of the concert I went straight of school to the concert.

My dad, my friend and I waited about 2 hours or so just to make sure we would get a spot in the pit. When we got through I ran to stage and we got right up against the stage! I had told my friend how I wanted to get serenaded by Brantley. She suggested that when the stadium got reasonably quiet to just shout it out and ask him. So that’s exactly what I did. As he was getting ready to sit down and preform an acoustic piece I shouted “Will you serenade me???!!!!” he replied with ” Was I staring at you?!” “NO! Will you serenade me?!” I replied. He asked how old I was. A t the time I was 16 so I said that I was 16 and then to the entire crowd which was well over 2,ooo people says “This 15 year old says that she wants me to serenade her!  I’m pretty sure my wife would stab me if I did that”! My dad happened to be behind me to help from me not getting pushed up against the barricade and says “yeah and her dad wouldn’t be happy about it either.”

Needless to say my night was totally made! Since nobody expected me to say anything it didn’t get recorded but that is perfectly fine I still have the memory and I have 2 other witnesses to stand by me.

As the show went on my friend and I were enjoying the show as my dad is texting my mom explaining what had just happened and we both saw Brantley stare at me for about a good verse or so! I mean I guess you could say in that way Brantley serenaded me in a way. But that night was for sure one for the books.



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