Lauren Alaina, Chase Rice and Craig Campbell

As the York Fair week comes to an end I want to look back at the fun times I had going this year.

¤ It started on Friday September 9th when I got to see Runaway June (their hit song is “Lipstick” check it out) and Lauren Alaina. Runaway June had a very successful performance. It was an acoustic show with just the 3 girls and 4 instruments. They knew how to warm up the crowd and get us all ready to see Lauren. My favorite part was getting to hear the backstories to the songs which made it feel a bit more personal. When Lauren Alaina came out she was a bundle of energy! You could tell she sang with her heart and passion for sure! She even did a mashup of different songs, which was really fun to watch. Later in the show she recognized a girl with a sign asking to sing with Lauren and sure enough Lauren brought the girl up on stage and they sang “18 Inches” together. After the show Lauren Alaina and Runaway June had a FREE meet & greet. I was really excited to meet Lauren since I had grown up watching her on American Idol. Lauren even does this thing on Snapchat called “Ida Clair” and she uses the frown face filter and talks in a southern accent. As soon as I got up to meet Lauren I asked her since I watch her Snapchat if we could do “I declare” together. We did it and it happens to be my favorite video!

Check out the Lauren and I


¤ As Saturday September 10th. came around I was extremely excited because I got to see my best friend who I don’t get to see very often and we were going to see Chase Rice!!! Since we had pit tickets and wanted to be close to the stage I got to the York Fair around 1:30pm. I waited until 5:00 until my best friend came and then we stood in line until 6:30. When the gates opened we ran like we were in the Olympics! We eventually got to the stage and were right in front of it which is something we were trying to get! The opening act was Parmalee (newest song is called “Roots” check it out!)  who put on a fantastic show and was very crowd interactive! After Parmalee went on the man of the hour Chase Rice came out and blew the crowd away! He even did an acoustic snip of “Ride” and serenaded a girl with that song. He also loves his young fans because he brought up a girl who seemed about 7 and they sang “Cruise” together! The best part was after the show Chase came off the stage and signed autographs. I even got a selfie with him! Over all Chase and Parmalee put on a great show!

Ready set lets roll, ready set lets ride with Chase Rice #chaserice #yorkfair

¤ The last day I went was on Tuesday September 13th and I saw Craig Campbell. If you’ve read my storytime about how I was on Craig’s tour bus you would know that I am friendly with Craig. So it was really nice to see him as a friend rather then just a country singer. Craig put on a great performance like always! He sang his new song “Outskirts of Heaven” which if you have not heard you really should because it’s awesome! He also did an acoustic show just like Lauren. Craig even took a request from the audience which was very cool and he also played 3 never recorded but maybe recorded soon songs! All 3 were really well written. Craig overall is such a down to earth guy I love going to his shows because they don’t feel like concerts they feel homey and as though I am sitting down with Craig just having a cup of coffee and he’s telling stories that are truly from his heart! I can’t wait to hear what Craig has in store next!

Love when I get to see @craigcampbelltv ❤️

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