Friday Favorites- Week 2





Happy Friday y’all! Here are my 5 favorite songs of the week! Don’t forget if you like the song support the artist and buy their song.


Mark Willls: 19 Somethin’

I heard this song on the radio this week and can vividly remember singing this song in the car when I was little and asking my parents about what this song was talking about. Great throwback!


Drew Jacobs: Got Me Like Whoa

Recently heard this song on Spotify and it feels like the perfect song you’d play at a tailgate with a cold beer in your hand and your crush next to you.


Chris Janson: Drunk Girl

This song hits me hard. Listening to the words gets you in the feels of understanding how a man should treat a woman. Drunk or not, but in this case when a girl is drunk. The important lesson behind the song is to not take advantage of a female when she is drunk but to make sure she is safe and comfortable.


RaeLynn: Queens Don’t

I absolutely love this song! RaeLynn herself is amazing and kind-hearted and this song just proved on how big her heart is and what kind of message she wants to send to her fans.


Billy Ray Cyrus & Miley Cyrus: Ready, Set, Don’t Go

This song hits me hard. As I grow up and become the independent woman I feel that this is exactly how my dad feels. Now I can’t speak for him but the message saying to his daughter asking her not to leave or grow up and the daughter ready to grow up and leave is the exact way my dad and I are… Love you, dad.

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