Friday Favorites​- Week 4





Happy Friday y’all here are my top 5 for this week! Hope you enjoy my choices if you did be sure to buy the artists song and support them!

Dan + Shay- Speechless

I just really like this song. It sounds different than anything on the radio. Not to mention the music for this song is absolutely adorable!


Maddie & Tae- Friends Don’t

I heard this song the other day while running errands and it eventually got stuck in my head. The beat is very catchy as well as the actual lyrics.


Jimmie Allen- Underdogs

Jimmie was a past interview and was a pleasure to work with! With that being said his music is also amazing! This song is such a good pump up and a motivational song I had to feature it!


A Thousand Horses- Smoke

I was listening to some old songs that I liked to listen to and this song played. It reminded me of them and that I hadn’t heard from them in a while so I figured why not put their name back out again!


Rodney Atkins- Watching You

This song was another song I used to sing along in the car with while I rode with my dad. This song actually was where I learned my first swear word. We were coming home and I was about 7 and I said ” Hey I know what that four letter word is.” the radio got lowered and my dad asked me kind of in a nervous and unsure way ” what is it, Shaina?” I said proudly “$H¡T” My dad was shocked and laughed but then told me not to repeat it again.

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