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Recently I got the chance to chat with up and coming artist Jesse Lopez. Jesse was such a fun guy to talk to. He is so down to earth and you can really tell he cares about his music and fans. Read here to get to know more about Jesse Lopez!

  1. Tell me about yourself

“I’m a Country-rock singer/songwriter, and I’m originally from California” 


2. What is the story behind the song “What Love Is”

“ “What Love Is” is apart of an entire album that goes through the beginning to the end of a relationship. Its a series, this song is a more serious part of relationship right before the cliff. I even propose in the music video.”


3. What was the writing process of “What Love Is”

“This will sound cliche but I was sitting on a rock by a lake and just writing down my thoughts and feelings.”


4. When creating music who is one artist you look up to?

“Eric Church, he seems to maintain a unique sound and not uniform to other country artists, he stays true to himself.” 


5. What do you want new listeners to know about you?

“I’m releasing new singles every 6 weeks and have a new single coming out on November  22nd.” 

The link for the new song is down below! 


6. If you could only have 1 artist on your phone who would it be?

“Might sound super cliche but Taylor Swift, great contact and could give great advice.”


7. Cereal THEN milk or milk THEN cereal?

“A cup of milk and a cup of cereal and then a sip of each cup. I like my cereal crunchy!”  


8. If you weren’t pursuing music what would you be doing? 

“Crying in a corner hahaha. I’ve always seen myself doing music.” 


Be sure to check out Jesse Lopez’s social media links as well as follow his social media and check out his new single “Can’t Call You Home”

Can’t Call You Home






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