Craig Campbell’s Tour Bus

About 1 year ago, on July 18th, I won my dad meet + greets to a free show Craig Campbell was putting on. Unfortunately, due to PA liquor laws, I was not going to be able to actually see Craig perform live. As you imagine I was very upset. However, I was going to meet him which I was very happy about! About two weeks later, on July 31, the day of the concert/ M+G arrived. I got ready and was super excited to meet Craig. My dad and I got in line and I wanted to be at the end in hopes that I would get more time with him. A few minutes past and then it was my turn. When I got up to him I gave him a hug and asked for his autograph which he did without a problem. We then got our photo taken and I told him how I wished I could see him perform but that I hope he does great and has fun. Craig seemed confused and asked why I couldn’t stay and I told him it was because I wasn’t 21. He looked at his manager and then at me and offered to “hire” me for the night. His manager asked us to wait outside the room for a moment. At this point my dad called my mom, who was going to pick me up after the meet + greet so my dad could watch the show. He told her what had happened and to come into  the hotel where the meet and greet was and to wait with us. While this happened, Craig’s manager talked to the venue manager to find out if that was ok and all. She denied it because I wasn’t 18! When I was told that, I was sad but grateful that I met Craig. Then we were told to wait a little more!  About 5 minutes later Craig, his manager and record publicist came into the hotel and asked if we would like to come ONTO CRAIG’S TOUR BUS! Of course I said yes! We talked to him while we walked onto the tour bus and when we got onto it, it was just an RV with tinted windows. For about 30 minutes we talked about school and random stuff. Craig even gave me a light weight sweatshirt that says “Keep Them Kisses Coming”. He also signed a mini poster and took a few more photos with me. When I left the bus I freaked out and called all my country loving music friends because, who ever gets to go onto a country singers tour bus!? I was so grateful and appreciative for that incredible opportunity! A few months later Craig blew up and was all over the radio. Soon tons of people began to know who he was. To this day Craig and I actually talk. I even met him another time and got to watch him perform! He is an amazing performer and knows exactly how to work the crowd. Craig is just a super nice and down to earth caring person so be prepared for tons of smiles and hugs if you ever get to see him live! On Tuesday if you actually want to see him perform live he will be on The Today Show performing his featured single “Outskirts of Heaven” which if you haven’t heard it, is absolutely AMAZING!!!!

So go check out Craig Campbell and don’t forget to follow me for more story times and interviews!!!

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