Next NASH Star: All About Mountain Road

I have been given the opportunity to interview the contestants of Next NASH Star in my local area. I have contacted them and look forward to sharing their interviews ad I begin to collect them! Today’s interview is with Mountain Road. Please enjoy!

  1. How long has your band been together?

The band started as an acoustic project 6 years ago.


2. Are you originally from here (Central PA)? 

Yes; in fact, all four of the band members attended the same high-school in Harrisburg, PA


3. If you could describe your music in 2 words besides “country”, what would it be?

Southern rock


4. What is your favorite song you’ve written? 

Without a doubt, it’s “Guardian Angel.”  Several years ago, the band lost a close friend, who passed away in a steel mill accident.  His tragic death served as the inspiration for the song—which is one of the band’s most requested originals.  For anyone who has lost someone close to them, “Guardian Angel” is a song that people relate to on an emotional level.


  1. What artist(s) inspire you to do music? 

Mountain Road has been inspired by genre-bending bands like Zac Brown Band and The Eagles to write quality, timeless music that can appeal to all generations. 


  1. What local venue(s) could you be found at performing? 

Mountain Road will be performing at the Chameleon Club on 8/19 (opening for Frankie Ballard), Hollywood Casino at Penn National on 9/4, Spring Gate Vineyard on 9/24,  and we will performing in Nashville on 10/7 and 10/8.


  1. What is something you want new listeners to know about you? 

Each member of the band plays multiple instruments and could be a lead vocalist in their own right.


  1. How would winning Next Nash Star change your life? 

There are plenty of obstacles being an unsigned band determined to “make it big.”  To assist in overcoming some of these obstacles, the members of Mountain Road are constantly seeking advice from bands who have “arrived.”  For instance, the lead guitarist from Train told us, “once you surround yourself with the right people and get a song on national radio, things just start to click from there.”  We feel that winning Next Nash could accomplish both of these things.


  1. Is music your only career at the moment or do you have another job? 

Each of us has a full-time job on top of being in Mountain Road –from a CPA and a custodian, to a salesman and a handyman.


10.Where do you see yourself in 5 years?…. How about 10 years? 

Music is embedded deep within each of us.  So no matter the size of the stage (whether it’s a sold-out stadium or an intimate indoor venue), the members of Mountain Road will continue to do what we love to do—write, perform, and get lost in the sound.


11.If you release an album right now what would you title it?

Probably, “Momentum.”  It’s the word and concept that has seemed to follow us throughout the creative process of the album.  Mountain Road continues to strive to gain traction, and “Momentum” perfectly describes our journey.


  1. Do you have any preshow rituals? If so what. 

We typically develop a set list on the day of the show.  Mountain Road has an expansive collection of originals and covers to choose from, but we like to get a feel for the venue and the area and arrive at songs that we would like to play that day and what we think the audience will respond to.


  1. What is the funniest/memorable moment that happened to you on stage?

On a hot August day, the band was performing an outdoor concert.  Our drummer fell to the ground and nearly passed out due to heat stroke.  It certainly wasn’t funny, but it was definitely a stage show that we won’t forget.


  1. If you were stuck in an airport with a 3 hr. layover what 1 artist would you want to talk to? 

Chris Stapleton.  He is a phenomenal songwriter and vocalist.  The band has followed him since his days with The Steeldrivers, and he is who our lead singer (Kevin Cole) gets compared to the most stylistically.


  1. So a few years ago I traveled to Scotland and I noticed that they pour in their milk then their cereal which I thought was strange so now I have to ask.. Cereal then milk or milk then cereal?  

Well, similar to our music style, we support anything that goes against the grain.


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