Olivia Farabaugh at Funk E-town


Olivia Farabaugh  is the most recent winner in Harrisburg with Next NASH Star. She performed at a local bar in my area called Funk Brewing. She performed numerous songs from 8-11 including a few of her own originals. During her sets she was super bubbly and really fun on stage. Her voice is really rich and raspy at some points which is really cool.  She played different songs of various genres to  please all ages everyone in the venue. Some of the songs she played were:

Miranda Lambert: Mama’s Broken Heart

Jason Mraz: I’m Yours

and even did her own version of

Taylor Swift: Bad Blood


Phillip Philips: Home

After she sang a few songs Olivia took a break and went to each group of people and introduced herself and handed them each a business card. She was really personable and down to earth. I really liked how she was always making sure people were having a good time. My parents even said they would pay money to see Olivia live. Personally I would give Olivia’s performance a 9/10 just because I would have liked to see her possibly do some more country music since I think certain songs in country would really fit her voice and help gain more of a following too but that’s just my personal preference.


Check Olivia Out:

Website: https://oliviafarabaughmusic.com/

Twitter: @Farabaughmusic 


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