Thank You Chachi and NASH FM 106.7


A little bit over a week ago my internship at NASH FM 106.7 came to an end, since it was only a semester long internship. I have had so many memories; from Chachi showing me baby photos of his new daughter who I can’t get enough of her since she has to be one of the cutest babies ever, to the radio dj from 107.7 THE X would tease me though the glass window connecting the studio walls. The time I spent in the studio was completely worth the drive every day! I won’t ever forget the behind the scenes shenanigans that would go on between Chachi and I while off air.  As much as I talk all the memoires and fun moments we had in the studio I also learned so much! I learned that there is more than just playing music that people like to hear. I also learned that you have to speak LOUD and be confident when you speak. I also learned that even though you may not like all the people you work with you should always find something that you like about that person. Or that you have to use your creative side more than you would think. You have to come up with ways to get your listeners involved and if you do choose to give away things though a contest you have to create contest. You also have to be able to think quick on your feet and ahead. As I sit here writing this I am listening to Chachi on air and thinking about all the amazing times I’ve had while in the studio and wishing that I was back in there right now! So I will leave you with that. Thank you again so much Chachi and NASH 106.7 I will never forget this amazing experience .

Intern Shaina signing off!!!

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