Where have I been? I’m sure that is what you are asking yourself. Here is the thing, i’m not gonna try and sugar coat things, avoid the topic, or ask for sympathy. The truth is, I got lazy, lost motivation and gave up. One of the last things I posted was about how I applied to Belmont University in Nashville, TN for their music business program. In December of last year I found out I didn’t get in. I was ashamed, embarrassed but most of all disappointed. I’d made two close friends while on my visit and having to tell them I won’t be joining them was really sad.I was also ashamed/embarrassed because I was telling everyone how I was going to get in and how easy it would be since they have an 80% acceptance rate. Telling people all that was a mistake too. I had to tell them all how i was that 20% who didn’t get in. Not getting in made me lose motivation for Country Chords. I gave up and didn’t want to post on here or admit that I didn’t get in. But… I am back! I promise I won’t take another long break. If I start to slack please tweet, DM or email me bugging, me to post! Again I’m sorry for the long disappearance it won’t happen again. As for where I today I’m taking classes at a local community college that actually has a music business degree. I am enjoying it so far but I am using community college as my motivation to get to Belmont next year. I have started working at a local bar being a food runner too. Other than school and work over the summer I traveled around Europe after graduation for six weeks with my mom it was an amazing experience that I will cherish forever.

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