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I was recently able to interview up and coming artsit Jimmie Allen. Jimmie was so much fun to interview. He was hilarious, had great stories to tell and was an overall genuine guy. I’d have to say that Jimmie was by far my favorite person I’ve interviewed so far! Please enjoy Jimmie and I’s interview below:

  1. Tell me about yourself (where do you live, how old are you, etc.)

“I am from Delaware but I live in Nashville and I am 31.”

    2. What is 1 thing you want new listeners to know about you?

“That is a good question, man you kinda stumped me. One thing I want them to know is that I am the type of guy who thinks you should chase any dreams that get pointed to you.”

3. How did you come up with the song “Blue Jean Baby” and what’s the story behind it?

“I was on my way to friend of mine and the melody kinda just stuck in my head and we started talking about life and different experienced. And one of the writers mentioned that everytime they go back to their hometown they have to find a way to get over this girl. The story behind it is, basically, how ever old you are when you get over that relationship…  and you come back home, you fall back in love with that person and then you find that way to get over that person all over again.”

4. Favorite song on your EP?

“To perform: is probably Underdog … and my favorite sound is Blue Jean Baby”

5. If you could only have 1 artist on your phone to listen to, who would it be?

“Matchbox Twenty”

6. What made you want to start singing country music?

“My dad. I grew up listening to country with my dad.”

7. Cereal then milk or milk then cereal?

“Depends on what I grab first. When I was little I would pour milk then sugar and stir that around till it was sweet enough then I’d add the cereal.”

8. Do you have a quote or saying you live by?

“ ‘Explore’, a fan gave me it on a bracelet after a show and everytime I look at it it reminds me to explore life, family and everything around you.”

9. Who inspired you to start writing and performing music?

“Myself… just kidding. Matchbox Twenty or Michael Jackson because he always had hidden meanings behind his upbeat catchy songs.”

10. What artist(s) do you look up to when creating music?

“One Republic and Old Dominion; they are amazing artists! The band The Script and another one call The Fray are some too.”  

11. If you were stuck in an airport with a 3 hr. layover, what 1 artist would you want to talk to?

“Ryan Tedder, from One Republic. I’d love to just pick his brain!”

12. What was the first concert you went to?

“My first concert was Matchbox Twenty.”

13. If you weren’t pursuing music what would you be doing?

“I’d be a homeless guy on the street asking for money… nah, just kidding! I’d be teaching K-4! Probably English…anything basically besides math.  I am not good at math!”


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