Friday Favorites- Week 10



Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is here! This Friday Favorites was SUPER fun for me since tomorrow is my birthday! With that, I have the top 5 songs that were the number one song the week of a special year as well as a bonus at the end! Again Happy Friday everyone!


1999 ( Birth Year): Lonestar- Amazed

This song was the number one song the week I was born! I have always loved this song as well as Lonestar the band.  I was so excited to hear that when I was born this song was number one!  I feel like this song perfectly fits when a mother and father have a child too.

2009 (Double Digits): Lady Antebellum- I Run To You

I Run To You was number one when I turned 10! This was also the first song I remember hearing from Lady Antebellum. In the past nine years, they have grown so much as a band and have come so far which is exciting!

2012 (Officially a Teenager): Brantley Gilbert – You Don’t Know Her Like I Do

This song was number one when I turned 13! Little did I know that I would become a HUGE BG fan a few years later! I absolutely love is the song as well as Brantly Gilbert as a musician. I can vividly remember singing this song not really understanding the meaning of it but loving the beat and the strong emotions in the song.

2015 (Sweet 16): Little Big Town- Girl Crush

When I turned 16 this was number one! I even had this song on my “Sweet 16” playlist at my bonfire! I heard this song for the first time in my best friends car. We always thought it was about being in love with a girl not being jealous of a girl who is with a guy you really like. Nowadays I can relate to the song all the time!

2018 (19th Birthday): Dan + Shay- Tequila

This song is number one for my 19th birthday! I am so glad it is number one because for the past month this has been my go-to song! I am obsessed with this song and can’t get it out of my head! I feel like I am constantly playing it and I couldn’t be more happy about it!

BONUS: Dan + Shay- 19 You and Me

This song just had to be on this week This was Dan + Shay’s first big hit! The song is just so appropriate for the week being that I’ll be 19 tomorrow!

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