Friday Favorites- Week 9



Happy Friday everyone! this week I chose five followers of Country Chords! Let’s support the artist by buying their music if you enjoyed it! Again happy Friday!

Anyone Else- Lance Carpenter

I didn’t even know Lance was apart of this song! I have this song on repeat constantly and it never crossed my mind!


California- Eric Ethridge

This song is one that needs to be blasted while the windows are down! A great summer song that I am officially obsessed with!


Cannonball- Cash Campbell

This too is another great summer song. This song makes me want to jump into a pool or float down a lake with a bunch of friends!


Unfall- Taria Lee

This song was just released June 1. A very good song and feels like a Martina McBride or Carrie Underwood vibe which I really like!


Your Place or Mine- Adairs Run

This song is one that gets stuck in your head for sure! The beat just makes you want to get up and dance. The song overall is fun and upbeat too! this is a great song!

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