Friday Favorites: Week 12


It’s Friday which can only mean one thing at Country CHords… Friday Favorites! This week I chose five songs that will give you a good cry/ put you in your feels.


One Number Away- Luke Combs

Ever since I heard this song on the radio I fell in love with it. It is always in my head and makes we want to sing at the top of my lungs.


I Found Someone- Blake Shelton

This is a new song for me. It was a bonus track but it should have been on as one of the “normal” tracks on the record. This song also reminds me of his other song ‘Austin’.


Comeback- Jackie Lee

This song is upbeat but also had a sad backstory. I love this song and for now, it isn’t that popular but I have a feeling it will be soon!


Plane Crazy- 641

This song is so cute! I love the beat and the lyrics of the song. I really connect with thy lyrics ” Everything started falling into place 3,000 miles from where you were raised” since things are falling into place for me 750 miles from where I was raised.


Mercy- Brett Young

This is an iconic “in my feels” song. The emotions behind the song make you feel it as you listen to the song. It honestly puts me through an emotional roller coaster but I love this song.

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