Friday Favorites: Week 15



Happy Friday!! I survived my first week of college and am having the time of my life! This week some of these songs have stories behind them based on what has already happened this week and others I just liked them! Enjoy!


It Ain’t Me: Kolby Cooper

I was listening to this song while doing homework and I just really liked it! It’s kind of a sad song but I love it! It’s relatable for some people at school right now but for others people like m,e it’s just a good song to listen to whe you need to be focused.

One Summer: Austin Burke

This song is just about summer ending and how there’s that one moment you always remember. I love this song as well but there isn’t a story behind why I chose this song either.

Man, I  Feel Like A Woman! Shania Twain

A lot of people on campus keep thinking my name is Shania and I laugh at it now because I am in the city of country stars and if people keep thinking that I’m named after a country artist I won’t argue with it! Also next week I have this amazing opportunity that  I will be writing about but semi has something to do with Shania.

Made For You: Jake Owen

I’ve been told that Belmont was made for me and I truly think that! This is my school and I feel it day in and day out! Also along with my thing, this week is also has something to do with Jake Owen. Be on the lookout for a post coming soon about that!

Sweet Thing: Keith Urban

I am in a large group chat with a bunch of transfer and one of them wrote that he had just run into Keith Urban not really knowing who he was at that moment and was having a conversation with him about Keith’s car! Myself as a few other people were SUPER jealous! also, Keith is playing a show tonight in Nashville!

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