Friday Favorites: Week 16


Happy Friday y’all! it’ss the weekend! Not to mention a three day weekend! Last week I posted Friday Favorites a bit later in the day. I will now be posting in the afternoon since that is when I have free time as well as when I’m done, classes.

Anyway… enjoy this week Friday Favorites and have a great weekend!

Call Your Mama- Seth Ennis

Mom, I am sorry in advance…

Being far from home makes me miss family and the ins and outs of my daily life back in Pennsylvania. This song hit me extremely hard and is a great reminder to call home because in a text you can only say so much. I was in the school’s cafeteria when I heard this song and if I’m being honest I shed a tear or two.



I Don’t Know About You- Chris Lane

Funny story about this song. This week I was listening to this song with headphones in.  I completely forgot that my roommate and hallmate was in the room. I began to sing and bob my head. They obviously saw me and began to video me. I didn’t know what was going on until my roommate came into my peripheral vision and I saw her. It’s made for a great laugh in the dorms this week.


Drive- Frank Ray

I just came across this song one day at random. This guy has such a fun tone and an amazing voice. This is a different type of country song that I really am enjoying. I can see him going far in a music career for sure!


 Good Directions- Billy Currington

So one of my professors had a fill in this week. The substitute was a music publisher who helped hire songwriters. He began telling us his career story and just about himself. He then said that he worked with Luke Byran before he became LUKE BRYAN. Luke was a songwriter who happened to actually cowrite “Good Directions” with someone else. Luke didn’t end up putting this song onto his first record so it went up for sale and Billy Currington and his people loved the song so they bought it and Billy put it on his first record.


Don’t You Know- Porter Union

This song and duo have a very storytelling voice. The connection that is made with this song and the listener is real. I can feel the emotion that is put into the song. This duo is really talented!

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