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I had an amazing time interviewing Isacc Cole. He was such a fun person to talk to and will be going far in the music industry for sure! Be on the lookout and enjoy the interview!

  1. Tell me about yourself  (where you’re from, how old you are etc.)?

“ I am from a little town in northwestern Pennsylvania called Emleton and there are about 600-800 people in our town. I love being in the small town areas.” Isaac is also 17 years old.

2. What is one thing you want new listeners to know about you?

“My musical sound is quite old school for my age. It’s based on the 80’s and 90’s era.”

3. Can you tell me about what it was like to be on American Idol?

“It was a mixture of totally awesome, somewhat stressful sometimes, very rarely was it nerve racking but most of all it was really fun!”

4. What is the story behind Everyday Livin’?  

“ There isn’t too much of a really deep story behind the song because with the words it makes it a very laid back chill song. Something you would visualize yourself on a nice summer day, warm, just driving down to go visit a friend. When writing the song I had that summer mindset to it.” Isaac actually recorded himself playing all of the interments besides the drums for the song. His sister also did the background vocals too!

5. Who is your ideal person to tour with?

“ It’s hard to pick just one! It varies but to pick just one it would have to be Brad Paisley.”

6. Is there a quote or saying that you live by?

“It’s a silly thing but if I’ve been nervous or unsure about anything I usually just laugh and say “send it!”

7. Favorite song on your album “I’m Your Huckleberry”?

“Probably my favorite song would be Camden Bridge.”

8. Cereal then milk or milk than cereal?

“ I do cereal the milk.”

9. Favorite outdoor activity?

“ Any that involves being outside. I love the woods, going hunting fishing, target shooting and riding my UTV and four-wheelers.”

10. If you were stuck in an airport with a 3 hr. layover what 1 artist would you want to talk to?  

“Probable Brad Paisley. I’d want guitar advice and any pointers for making it into the country music. I’d also want to play guitar with him.”

11. If you could only have one artist on your phone who would it be?

“That’s hard because I have this perfect playlist on my phone I can’t just choose one!” We eventually decided the playlist was the one artist.

12. The first concert you went to?

“The first concert I remember going to was Joe Nichols. I was having the time of my life and Joe Nichols gave me his guitar pick that I still have today.”

13. If you weren’t pursuing music what would you be doing?

“ I’d probably be a normal high school and getting a job in heavy machinery or doing cowboy quick draw competitions.”


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