Getting into my DREAM school!



After I finished my freshman year at my local community college, I saw my grades and felt that I could get into Belmont with my grades. Over my Christmas break, I had written my essays so that as soon as I got my final grades of the year I would be able to immediately submit my application. Mid May I applied to Belmont and crossed my fingers and toes twice. I was really hoping I was going to get in. In order to keep my spirits up, I created this plan of how I would surprise my dad with the news that I got in. I was basically going to make a quick DIY shirt that says ” Belmont Dad” on it. So every day I would wait for the mail to come and look and see but nothing came, unfortunately.

Then on June 3rd, I had this weird feeling in my gut and it kept telling me to check the mail. I checked it 2 or 3 times before it actually came. The time it actually came my dad and I raced up the driveway to see who could get the mail first. Little did I know that in that mail delivery was the best news ever. I opened the mailbox and shuffled through the mail until I saw a big envelope with the Belmont logo and my name on it.  I shouted, ” I got in!” before I got overly excited my dad wanted me to check so I opened the letter and read ” Congratulations” and danced like a wild woman. Did I scream? YES! and I jumped up and down and tears were shed. My mom came out and began to cry too. We all posted photos all over social media and my neighbor said that she saw the entire thing and wished she videoed it!

The joy and relief that rushed through my body were overwhelming in the best way possible. The thought that hard work can and does pay off made me the happiest person in the entire world. The smile on my face made my cheeks hurt but I love every second of it.

The funniest thing about finding out I got into Belmont was that my dad was trying to surprise me as well. He wanted to get the mail and gather everyone around and record it to get my reaction!

I am so happy and proud to call myself a Belmont Bruin and I can’t wait to see what the future holds in regards to this new chapter in my life.


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