Friday Favorites- Wk. 17


Happy Friday!  Ready to be able to sleep in and hang out with my hall mates this weekend!


Kacey Musgraves- Follow Your Arrow

I am SHOCKED I haven’t put this song as a favorite yet! This is the song that I live my life by. When this song came out I immediately connected with it and fell in love with Kacey. I have even wanted her to write out the words Follow Your Arrow as a tattoo for the past 5 years. Well, Kacey will be at the Opry this week doing a signing… looks like I might have to take a trip to the Opry!



RaeLynn- Tailgate

This song gives off very big summer vibes as well as country fair feels. I love how upbeat and fun this song is.  This is a fun song that makes you want to blast with the windows down and friends in the car.



John King- Heat Wave

So funny thing about this song… The AC is currently broken in my dorm so this song fits perfectly! We feel like we are in a heatwave outside and inside. It should be fixed by next week. I just thought that this song fits my situation perfectly and had to share this funny story that just happened.



Walker Montgomery- Simple Town

Something about this song brings me back to Pennsylvania. The idea of a small town and people not really knowing what is really out there until they leave their comfort zone was how I was before I came here to Nashville.



Josh Mirenda- He Said She Said

This song is in my homework music playlist and I just really like to blast it as I do homework. Sometimes if I am being honest I’ll get my anger out with this song. It’s full of emotions but I love this song!


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