Welcome to Belmont


I’ve been at Belmont for about a month now and things are amazing! I have had so many amazing opportunities already and things are just getting started.

My first few weeks here were very crazy between learning where classes were, adjusting to a new place, getting to know people and making friends to just being a normal college student. I survived it though and made so many friends. The girls on my floor and I get along fantastic! It feels as though we’ve known each other for years. This includes my amazing RA who is someone I am going to be forever grateful for. She is so down to earth and just amazing in general! My friends on this floor are beautiful in all ways! We all are going through similar things so we are all each other’s shoulder to cry on. We constantly have dance parties or homework parties in the hall. Words just can’t describe how grateful I am to be in a dorm with such amazing girls who are all so close!

You constantly hear people saying how college is the best 4 years of your life and you really don’t feel or believe it until you are at college and you find your people. For me, my people are my hall mates. I know that there is someone constantly here that will want to go to the caf and get food with me or even just binge watch a random tv show. The people you surround yourself in college are truly amazing!

Here at Belmont, there is constantly something going on from Tv shows being filmed to dogs on campus. You don’t ever really want to leave because you don’t want to miss something. Here is a family. Whether you know a person or not they are apart of your family and they are there for you.

Ok wow! that kind of sounded like a pitch as to why you should come here but it’s just showing how much love myself and many others have for this campus!

This has just been a tad bit into the college life here and I plan on doing more posts like this!


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