Friday Favorites: Week 18


Happy Friday ya’ll! I’m officially on Fall Break and I am beyond ready for binge-watching Netflix and sleeping in! I hope yall enjoy this week Friday Favorites!

What We Gonna Do About It- Cale Dodds

Cale visited Belmont yesterday with his manager and talked to CMA EDU about the music industry/business. He even sang an acoustic version of this song! I love this song so much! It makes me want to dance and forget about the world! Cale even told me he liked my Eagles shirt so we already know he’s amazing! haha!

American Heartbreaker- Jimmie Allen

This song is s bop! I want to roll truck windows down and speed down the highway with this song! The song has so many “country” references and is an all-around amazing song! I am so glad to see Jimmie being so successful! This song should be played at the next bonfire for sure! This song is on Jimmie’s FIRST ALBUM called Mercury Lane so be sure to buy it!

Ladies in the 90’s- Lauren Alania

This is my new favorite girls night out song! This song is SO good! The 90’s song references make the song even better and just bring back the childhood songs! I can’t imagine anyone else singing this song! I played this song to my friends the other day and we all freaked out with all the song references because we got them! This song is for sure going to be on repeat for a LONG time!

Lead Me On- Teddy Robb

This song feels like I’m in a males brain when he finds a girl he’s really into! I love how connected Teddy sounds in this song and as though he has been through this time period multiple times which is sad but also makes his voice for this song as great a storyteller.


When I heard this song at first I could instantly hear this being played on the radio someday.  It has such. a catchy tune and beat not to mention the entire song has your head bobbing constantly.


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